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it with a great guy." guy." how the obama campaign &pissmaking a connection between vooiing and sex pnd a very fat cat.the mystery created bb hii obesity. p hhllo i'm karen parks. and i'm jeff bbrnd. baltimore... bracee... for... a... rare... and powerful... storm.../ as... hurricane sandy... gaiis... strength... in the atlantic...//. hello... i'm... jeff barnn. baand. and 'mmkaren parks. 39 people are already dead in what some are calling a once in a century storm. storm. keith daniels... streaming live... from... bowleys quarrers .../ witt... residents.../ and pracing... for... a... massive... storm surge...keit. surge...keith. karen annd jeff.... as you know. bowleys quarters is one of those places where roads andd piers have been complettly those storm surges in the ppst.- and tonight.... boat owwers and dock workers are keeping their eyes n the waterr water. aa the galloway creek marina in bowleys quarters.. - beat the storm......áááánats up ull washing boat, etcáááá) ........the mmrina is one of quarters pay
about that terrorist atttck in llbya. but as molly unanswered. republican lawmmkers are obama aaminissration over the libyaaattack. newly documents how that ambaasador chrrs tevens as clearly worried about the security innjune the violence innlibya "is likely to continue and wwrree." the documents were made public by gop congreesman darrell issa and jason chaffetz. ii a letter to president obama they write..."...not only did the administration reeeatedly reject requests for increaaed securrty despite escalating violence, but it aaso systematically decreassd existing securiiy to dangerous and ineffective levels. we have been told repeatedly that the admmnistrationndid this to 'normalization' n libyaaafter thh conclusion of its civil war." the bbmm administratiin as said there was o "actionable attack was imminent...and some democrrts on capitol hill say ápoliticalá advantageeoffthe attack.engel says: "do you think itts a coincidence two days before a nattonal debate oo foreiin olicy, congressman issa releases these documents, i meaa this is pure pol
focused primaailyoo foreign policy. president obama...and mitt romneysquared off...on their theyywould bbiigpeece to thh more...on howbaltimore's has jewish community....s last niggt's deba. debate. romney: f you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and to saudi arabii and to turkey, and iraq. and, by the way, you kipped israel - our closest frieed in the region -- but you wentttoothe came off when the presiddntial debatt turned o israel... and americcas dedication to the saffty of itss lly ii the iddle east.romnny: and then the streets of tehran -- in aa green revolution -- holding signs saying, "is america with us?" -- the president was silent. i think ttey noticed that as welll and i thhnn wwen the ppesident said thht he was goinn to cceaae daylight between ourselves and israel, that they noticed that as weel.obama: and governor rooney, our alllances ave never been stronger -- in aaia, in eurooe,, n afriia. with israel whhre weehave unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation -- including dealing with tee jewish voters are talking ... - politi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3